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The game Super Sus Mod APK-Who Is The Impostor has been updated with this version. It does contain elements of both the Squid Game and the werewolf myths.
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A game like Among Us with 3D gameplay is called Super Sus Mod APK. Consequently, it is a more enjoyable story. They refer to it as the top free online game for enthusiasts worldwide. It’s an engaging game because of the storyline, specific characters, and multiplayer functionality. The fakes hiding on your spaceship must be located. Your crew members will safely land if you are successful. Other times, fraudsters will sabotage your travels. Therefore, it requires the proper strategy and decision-making ability of you and your teammates.

The original game had a number of restrictions that you may encounter. Consequently, this modified edition was produced by unidentified players. All of this variant’s features are available to users. It’s fun to have unlimited money, all characters, all game types, and all skins. So, click the link up above to download this mod. It has several in-game premium resources and is available for free download and use.

Highlights of the Super Sus Mod Menu’s gameplay include:

The narrative opens in an odd comic book universe. A few astronauts are traveling. Their goal is to investigate space. There are 10 crew members in total, including you and nine others. Some imposters, though, present a challenge on this voyage. In fact, they are figuring out how to manipulate the entire spacecraft to compromise the mission. As a result, you need to safeguard both the crew as a whole and yourself from this mishap. Your destiny will be decided in less than seven minutes by wise choices.

Three fractional groupings of players are created. Everyone is free to select the roles they want. Either you are an intellectual or a fraud. Complete all of your objectives to finish the game. An excellent technique to strike up a discussion is through the voice chat tool. You can direct your crew to take necessary action against the crooks on the spaceship. This is a thrilling way to come to an end. Within each level, more incentives and prizes become available. Additionally, the plot thickens with time. Keep taking it in. Another game with a mod menu feature is Stumble Guys Mod Menu, which you can also try.

Features of Super Sus Mod APK:

The game Super Sus Mod APK-Who Is The Impostor has been updated with this version. It does contain elements of both the Squid Game and the werewolf myths. That’s why the fun is multiplied. Numerous freebies are available for users. Millions of fans’ favorite new features are currently unlocked by it. Here is a quick list outlining the main attributes and features of this modified game.

  • Unlock 20 or more specialized roles.
  • Play online with nine other people.
  • 7 minutes of fun and excitement.
  • several game modes.
  • attain the game’s highest rank.
  • Embrace the voice chat function.
  • Spaceship activity in 3D.
  • tough and interesting missions.
  • Obtain limitless funds.
  • Unlock all features for pros.
  • Unlock every level for nothing.
  • Every skin is available.
  • impostor feature, always.
  • a lot more.


This game is a must-try for those who wish to experience novel and original gameplay. Participants are assigned to either the crew or the impostor roles. The spaceship’s crewmates are all targets of the imposters. The crew’s goal is to avert a collision with the planet. The person who takes action promptly will win. However, the official version only allows you to use it up to a specific point. Install the Super Sus Mod Menu APK if you want to enjoy all the comforts without going bankrupt. It works with Android phones and tablets.

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