PUBG Mobile Mod APK Download Latest v2.1.0 for Android

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We have a new aspect for PUBG players who face the challenge of surviving the game. You’ve all used PUBG Mobile in order to experience the fight game on mobile devices, but we’re introducing a modified or hack version of the game with more control to be victorious in the match. It’s PUBG Mobile  Mod APK that includes the hacks you want to transform you into a skilled player.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most played action game both on desktop and mobile. Younger gamers are addicted to the game and are in love with it because of its visuals, characters, sound weapons, game strategy, etc. The story begins with an island where several players fight to take out their opponents. There are several safe zones around the island, which shrink over time and the participants have to battle each other to prevail.

If you’re not sure you have the game expertise, then you must consider a modified version of the game, called the PUBG Mobile MOD. This allows you to benefit from a variety of hacks and cheats like skins, health weapons, anti-bans, and numerous more. You’ll be able to stay alive for longer when you use these tools, and the odds of winning are higher than ever. Enhance your fighting skills and get ready to fight with new energy, and defeat your opponents over time.

Gamers are playing PUBG Mobile MOD in lieu of an original version of PUBG which gives greater control over the game. If you’re unaware of its amazing options, read on to check out the following paragraphs.

Features of PUBG Mobile MOD APK:

Unlimited Battle Points:

Users of this version will earn battle points in large numbers because you are able to take out or destroy your opponents more effectively. The more damage you do to enemies, the more battle points you earn.

Automatic Aiming the Enemy:

This feature lets you strike your enemies with precision without having to know them. Through the use of your guns, you can aim them properly which means that you’ll earn higher scores in the final game.


This function can be used to target your adversaries that are hidden behind the car, stone, or tree. But, you have to use it in a way that no one else will notice the fact that you’re using a hacking device.

Unlimited Cash:

In the first version, players spend real money to purchase in-game currency that allows them to buy various items such as skins, weapons, and weapons. Today, PUBG Mobile MOD APK allows players to win cash without limit in the game.

Premium PUBG Skins:

The cash you earn from Battle Points and the UCs will use to purchase amazing skins for Heroes and Weapons that give you a professional look.

Anti-Ban feature:

The updated version comes with an anti-ban feature to protect your account.

No Root:

It’s not necessary for the device’s root privileges to use this version because it operates well without rooting your Android device.


It’s compatible with low-end Android devices, and also requires two GB of RAM or more.

Free & Easy to Use:

You can download it to your phone without any hassle. It’s free and simple to use by everyone.

Why use PUBG Mobile Hack?

To instantly boost their performance in the PUBG Game Mod APK players can use PUBG Mobile. It’s extremely difficult for novice players to remain on the field. Therefore, with hack tools, they can remain within the game without difficulty and after each win, they will also receive various rewards for gaming. This type of reward could boost your RP or let you unlock more premium items without cost.

The best part that you are aware of is that the current PUBG Hack isn’t a treat. Therefore, you can enjoy the game with full freedom, without having to worry about bans.

There are several modes to choose from in PUBG Mobile such as single, duo, and squad. The choice is yours choose one of the options and get yourself into the PUBG battle. The hack is a hack function on any map such as TDM classic, classic, erangel, and more.

How do I download PUBG Mobile Mod for Android?

  1. There are two kinds of files: APK and OBB So you can download APK file from the link above or download APK file by clicking the link above or this link.
  2. Then, you will be able to download the OBB file. OBB file, where the source for downloading is listed below.
  3. Once both files download and install, you must first install the MOD APK first and then paste the OBB file into Android > OBB > .com.Tencent. ig
  4. After you have pasted the file into the section you want to open, launch an online version of the game PUBG and experience unlimited features.


You’re familiar with the difficult mobile game PUBG It is difficult to be victorious in a match against experienced players. If you’re looking to play the game with improved capabilities, we suggest that you play the mobile MOD version of PUBG Mobile Mod APK and OBB. We’ve given you the most recent versions of APK and OBB on this page for free.

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