Are you searching for a Mini Militia Mod Apk which will help you to give everything unlimited? If yes, then this is the right place for you. Here you will get the God Mod of Mini Militia Apk Hack which unlocks all features and Unlimited ammo, guns, pro features, and health.

The mini militia is one of the most popular smartphone game which is very popular while binging with our friends to spend some free time. It is a shooting arcade game which lets you keep entertained and engaged by setting up some online matches with other players.

What Is Mini Militia God Mod?

The mini militia is an action game based on 2D graphics and a multiplayer game in which users connect to each other and then fight with guns, missiles, and other things.
The original app contains limited features and arms, to get full access you have to upgrade with 0.99$ to make full of weapons and life. Also, you can get full access for free but to do that you have to install doodle army 2 cheats or pro pack, which we will discuss later.

Mini-Militia Mod is not available on play store due to some reason, So we are going to provide you the Mini Militia pro app for free so you can enjoy the game. 
So, we move further on applying mini militia cheats. We have to do some necessary changes in our Android phone to install the game. We will guide you step-by-step to install mini militia apk for Android.


Features of Mini Militia Mod Apk

Here is the list of a feature or you can say advantages of using mini militia hack apk instead of original mini militia application which is available on Google Play store. So, before downloading just take a look at a few things that you can expect from all of these mod packs.
  • Pro pack is activated and all store items are unlocked already.
  • Unlimited ammo in the gun.
  • A new interface and latest updates
  • you will get some more add-ons
  • Everything will be Unlimited until you want it
  • Fix Bluetooth incompatibility versions bug
  • Add ban during gameplay option to host controls for custom games
  • Fix for 4.0.x “double tap” bug
  • Unlimited Health & Nitro.
  • Added martial art warrior avatar
  • New Maps and users avatar are updated.
  • Fly through a wall and kill your enemy.
  • Added parts to store Cricket shirt (India), pants
  • God mod apk so no one can kill you.
  • Added cricket helmet to store mask pack
  • Enhance Wi-Fi / LAN game setup controls ( like seen in custom games )


MINI-MILITIA Mod Requirements and Compatibility

Below I provided you the requirements for Mini militia Mega mod to smoothly run on your Android Device. Note that it will be dependent completely on your device performance for better confirmation.

  1. Requires Memory(Ram): 1 GB
  2. Requires Cpu: 1.0 GHz +
  3. Android 2.3 [Ginger Bread]
  4. Android 3.0/3.1/3.2 [Honey Comb]
  5. Android 4.0 Ice [cream Sandwich]
  6. Android 4.1 [Jelly Bean]
  7. Android 4.4 [Kitkat]
  8. Android 5.0 [Lollipop]
  9. Android 6.0 [Marshmallow]
  10. Tested Devices: Samsung S5, S6, S7 and Samsung Note 4, Note 5


Video Guide to Install Mini Militia Pro Apk Mod

Below I provided you the complete video tutorial on how to install Mini Militia Mod on Android without root



How to install the Mini militia Mod Apk?

Now, we have told you that the Mini militia Mod v4.0.42 Pro Pack is the HD and improved version of the Mini militia Hacks. Now, after downloading this Pro version of the game, just follow our lead to install the game easily.

  • At first, go to settings> apps> Scroll down to the mini militia and click on it.
  • After that, click on clear data and then uninstall the old mini militia game.
  • Go to Settings>>privacy and tap on “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” which helps you to install apps from third-party sites manually.

  • If you are done with the downloading, just open the file.
  • Open the game and start playing.

Mini-Militia Mod Apk Download [Mega Mod]

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What are the Steps to install Mini militia mod apk Pro Pack Unlimited ammo and nitro?

In the Mini militia mod v4.0.42, the ammo, and nitro are unlimited. Now, isn’t that amazing! Yes. All gamers can enjoy unlimited ammo, unlimited nitro and unlimited health in the game. But, you need to install them first. And, the steps are given below.

  • Uninstall any previously installed mod.
  • Download latest Mini Militia Mod Apk from the link I provided Above.
  • Now, install it.
  • And, run it through app drawer.
  • You are done now start Playing.


Advantages of Using Mini Militia Mod Apk for Android

  • No Reload –
    The first thing you will get in it is NO RELOAD. In this, there is no need to reload weapons again and again. Your weapon will be reloaded by itself.
  • Unlimited Jetpack –
    It becomes easy to fly anywhere on the map because this mod provides the feature of the unlimited jetpack. Your jetpack(nitro pack) will never be reduced in any condition. This will save your time and helps you in defending.
  • Fly Through Walls –
    Unlimited Everything mod also includes the features of Mini Militia Wall Hack. So, it becomes possible to fly through walls. There will be no restriction to move anywhere on the map. You can also hide in the walls to save the life.

  • Unlimited Ammo and Grenades –
    You can use unlimited ammo and bullets in it. All type of guns and grenades including smoke bombs and sensor bombs will be unlimited. Throw them anywhere to score more. There will be o need to download mini militia unlimited ammo mod separately.
  • No Gravity –
    The effect of gravity becomes zero. There will be no gravity for you. It is similar to “Lunarcy” map of Doodle Army 2. This feature is very helpful for newbie players as well as pro players.
  • One Shot Kill –
    Now there is no need to shot more bullets to let your opponent down. You can easily kill your opponent in only one shot. It saves your time and leads to scoring more.
  • 7x Zoom –
    No matter what type of gun you are using you can still zoom 7x. By this, you can see your opponents from a huge distance and can make a strategy to put them down. If your shots are very clear from a distance then this feature is especially for you.
  • Transparent Bushes –
    All the bushes on the map will be transparent for you. If any of your opponents are hiding behind the bush then you can clearly see them. Then just kill them in one shot or throw any grenade at them.
  • Unlocked Everything –
    Features of Pro Pack is also unlocked in it. So, you can enjoy the full access to Pro Player Pack for free. Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Dual Wield, Avatar Skins etc. will be unlocked for you.
  • Red Line for Targeting –
    There will be a red line which helps you to target opponents more efficiently. It helps you to make more clear shots and improves your shooting skills.



Information About Mini Militia

Can you believe it when I say, Mini Militia would conquer Clash of clans, the most played iOS, and Android game, in the months to come. Giving a tough fight to “Pokemon Move” in popularity for certain.

The single campaign may prove to be boring and tedious whereas matches played over wifi hotspots is enjoyable and addictive.

The best thing about the Mini Militia game is it’s seamless multiplayer. Just because the game does well with handling doodle military’s, it makes it so much fun to perform with.

This is pretty much the best game on both the stores right now for all group of individuals to get together and perform with.

The sport “Mini militia” is a miniature version of the evergreen and ever loved game “Counter-Strike”.

Using real-world military tactics like Guerrilla warfare, Defensive-offensive strategies or deception, and shield formations. Pro players attempt to take down the opponent team in the sport. Grenades and melee weapons come useful when the fights get a hands-on hand.

You will find little doodles in the game which the player has to navigate around using jetpacks, picking the best weapons according to this condition for Mini Militia pro hack mod.

There are double stick controls, one for jetpack and alternative for aiming and shooting. Shooting involves stretching the aim control pad a little more outward of the inner circle.

Mini Militia” is quite a modern-day gaming opiate.

Train with the Serge and sharpen your skills in offline Training and Survival modes.

All Store can be Unlocked via Battle Points

    – 15% faster booster recharge
    – Cost 1250 points
    – 2X faster health recharge
    – Cost 1000 points
    – Increase boost duration by 20%
    – Cost 2000 points
    – Spawn with a silenced desert eagle
    – cost: 250 points
    – Increase accuracy on all bullet firing weapons by 20%
    – Cost 2000 points
  • GRENADE +1
    – Carry one extra grenade
    – Cost 1000 points
  • MELEE +10
    – Increase melee attack damage by 10 damage points
    – Cost 800 points
    – Increase clip size for the uzi and desert eagle by 25%
    – Cost 1250 points
    – Increase clip size for m4, m14, and ak47 by 25%
    – cost: 1500 points
    – Add a laser sight to pistols and rifles
    – Cost 1000 points
    – Add a gas grenade to your starting weapons
    – Cost 500 points
    – Reduce reload time for the uzi, desert eagle and magnum by 30%
    – Cost 1000 points
    – Reduce reload time for m4, m14, and ak47 by 30%
    – Cost 1500 points
    – Unlock mask pack (Hats and Glasses section of Customize) via Pro Pack!
    – Cost 500 points
    – Increase zoom on pistols by a factor of 1x
    – Cost 1000 bp
    – Position indicator arrow size will reflect distance enemy
    – Cost 1000 bp

How to Unlock All Store Items with hacked Battle Points:

  • Open your Mini Militia Mod game.
  • To unlock store items go to SETTINGS >> STORE >> Tap on any item on the store then tap on EQUIP button.
  • Similarly, you can unlock All store items on this modded game with anti-ban.

Mini Militia Pro Pack MOD APK Download & Install

This Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Pro Pack apk app is not available in Play Store. But you can download mod apk from here. Here we share the guide to download and install this Apk on your Android device via the Apk file and then follow the guide to install it on your Android device.

Note: This Mini Militia hack version is only to provide pro pack trail and not intended to replace the original version. If you are a hardcore fan of Mini Militia Game, Please Buy the Pro pack from Google play store. Appreciate Appsomanics work, supporting the developers.

Users can Download the Mini Militia APK Mod from the above-mentioned link. If you are facing any download issues. Let us know through the comments.

So friend, just download the Mini Militia Hack Apk, Install it and play on the go. If you liked it then please share it with your friends and groups too. Till then, you can download other useful premium Application for free from our site.

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