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The Golden Pharaoh X-Suit comes as the PUBG Mobile's. It tends to be opened inside the old mode in Miramar and Erangel maps.
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Golden Pharaoh X-Suit ApK Another update has shown up for the well-known portable fight royale game PUBG, acquiring new in-game occasions, rewards, and another gaming mode called the Ancient Secret Mode.

In this mode, players can investigate a bleak “Old Secret” two-story building area in the Miramar and Erangel maps.

The new update additionally offers another Golden Pharaoh X-Suit Outfit set which players can open alongside the Warrior of Ra, Warrior of Nut, Underworld Guide, and Mummy ensembles. Players can update their outfits up to six levels, a first in the game

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What is Pharaoh x suit?

The Golden Pharaoh X-Suit comes as the PUBG Mobile’s. It tends to be opened inside the old mode in Miramar and Erangel maps. The outfit should be opened involving different cases or computerized cash in the game.

How to get the Golden Pharaoh X-suit

There are just two methods for getting the Golden Pharaoh X suit:

From Lucky Spin

A player can do the fortunate twist by spending silver pieces multiple times just, each twist costs 300 silver parts. After the initial 5 twists, players should spend UC to turn. A single twist costs 60 UC and 10 twists all at once cost 600 UC, so players ought to spend their in-game monetary standards shrewdly.

Gift from another player

A player can likewise get the Golden Pharaoh X suit from one more player as a gift, which costs 1000 Pharaoh’s gold. Players can likewise gift the outfit to somebody from the prize reclamation area.

To begin with, players should tap on the gift box symbol on the down-left side of the screen, and afterward, they can pick their desire and gift. A player can gift the set distinctly for one time. to get the outfit, the talented player should go to their in-game letter drop and guarantee the “Pharaoh’s Memory” thing. Later they can recover it from the stock.

How to upgrade the Golden Pharaoh X-suit

The Golden Pharaoh X suit is the very first upgradable outfit in PUBG Mobile. Obviously, to redesign the outfit, a player should get it first. In the wake of getting it, players can redesign it from the star manufacturer segment. Players will require two things to update the outfit-Starforge stone and Star parts.

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How to get the other outfits

There are just two methods for getting different outfits the Mummy set, the Guide of the hidden world set, and so forth

  • In the first place, those outfits can be acquired through the fortunate twist by spending silver pieces or UC (Unknown Cash).

Assuming that you actually have any disarray in regards to the Golden Pharaoh X suit, here’s an authority logical video by PUBG Mobile:


This redo will highlight new code for present-day PC frameworks and a refreshed UI, as well as new ongoing interaction modes including a sandbox mode, however, will incorporate the mission modes from both Pharaoh and the Cleopatra extension

Upgrade and conquer the sands!

The Golden Pharaoh X-Suit, PUBG MOBILE’s first upgradeable outfit, is here! 

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