Here I am going to provide you the complete guide regarding ES file explorer Pro Apk Download for free and Install by following just a few simple steps.


It is a premium version of es file explorer file manager which enables you to explore your internal memory and external memory with access to the root folder. In today’s life, everyone needs the best file manager to manage files and folders inside the android device.

Accessing data anytime and anywhere made easy with es file explorer premium. This app voted the best file manager for Android and we to verified it manually. Not because of only file management system but it provides more functionally and features.

It’s beyond standard file manager. You have to install it and boom you get premium features of file manager.


How to Install ES File Explorer Pro APK on Android Device?

Below I provided you the complete detailed process for downloading and Installing ES File Explorer Apk on any Android Device. Just follow these below-provided simple steps and you are good to go.

  • Download ES File Explorer APK from the like I provided Below.
  • Go to Settings >> Lock Screen & Security >> Enable Unknown Sources option by toggling it to ON.
  • Then, navigate to the notifications drop-down menu and hit the downloaded file of ES File Explorer APK.
  • Hit the install button and begin the installation process.
  • In a few seconds, the ES File Explorer APK app will be installed successfully on Android device.
  • Provide all app permissions to run this app on your Android phone.

That’s it! This is the easy process to download and install ES File Explorer APK PRO version on Android device.


ES file Explorer Pro Apk Free Download Updated

Just tap on the image provided below to download ES file explorer Apk easily on your Android device. After a successful downloading, just follow the above-provided steps to install it and you are good to go.

Features of ES File Explorer Pro Latest Version

A user who downloads the ES File Explorer APK file should have some expectations from this application. But what it provides the users is much more than those expectations? To get an exact answer, let’s take a look at some of its premium features which attract users towards the paid version.

Easy Searching for items

The search bar in this app allows the users to search for any of the files and it will be displayed in front of him within a very short time. An advanced searching option is also available for the users which help them to search the files depending on their size, modification date etc.

Functions as a Media Player

Another amazing feature of the ES File Explorer APK is its ability to work as a media player to stream the local videos and music available within the device. It can also perform as an Image viewer as well.

Streaming Videos from Smartphones to TVs

A Chromecast plugin can be downloaded for the ES File Explorer which will help you in streaming the local videos from your Android smartphones to your TVs.

Compatibility with Cloud Services

ES File Explorer Pro Apk is seen to be compatible with the famous cloud services like DropBox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive, Media Fire etc.

Rename Multiple File or Folders at Once

ES File Explorer APK Installer will provide the users with an additional feature of renaming multiple files at the same time with a single click.

Encrypt Files or Folders with Password

With the help of this option, users can encrypt their important files or folders along with the use of a password. Afterward, opening the folder or file requires the password to be entered correctly.

Change Properties of System Folder

This feature allows the users to edit the properties of a system folder and make it R/W. This feature is seen to be used by a lot of people under various circumstances.


Editing of Host Files

The ES File Explorer provides an option for the users to edit this host file and make the necessary changes required by them.

The presence of Recycle Bin

The ES File Explorer included a recycle bin option in it which allows them to recover the files that are deleted unintentionally by just going to the Recycle Bin Folder.

Compression of Files

The ES File Explorer provides the users with this feature as well. The files compressed using this app will be having smaller sizes compared to the original files. The compression can also help the users in saving the storage of their smartphones as well.

Transfer of Files Between Smartphones and Computers

This app allows the users to share files between their Android devices and their computers. It also has a feature that allows the transfer of files through SFTP & LAN as well.

Uninstallation of Multiple Apps at Once

With the help of ES File Explorer Pro Free download, users will be able to uninstall as much as apps they want to uninstall at a time, by a single click. The root explorer option available in the app allows the users to remove the pre-installed apps also.


So friend, above I provided you the complete downloading and Installation guide of ES file Explorer Pro Apk which you can download and Install by following the steps provided above.  hope you will be able to use it on your Android Device.

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