Everyone of us wants to become a hero. Someone who will stand in the way of every evil and demon thing coming forth your way. A hero is a human being who decides to stand for the betterment of the society at large. But if every story has a hero, there is also place for a villain. If hero wants to maintain peace, a villain on the other hand has only one goal that is to create destruction. The two counteract each other. Well the superhero movies which we all admire have powerful villains. But the most dangerous evil force is something that comes from beyond the universe that is aliens.

Tap Titans 2 is the next version of Tap Titans game which means that the game has double the adventure and double the thrill that makes the game very popular amongst the gamers. In this game, you will play the role of the fierce and strong sword warrior whose main objective is to fight off all the waves of evil titans. So you need to up your game and use your advanced skills and fight off all the wicked villains. As a hero you need to maintain the peace and harmony in the society and in this game, you can achieve this by defeating the evil but strong waves of titans. In such a scenario, a clash of the decade is unavoidable.

In this article, we shall talk about the normal basic features and gameplay, the requirements for downloading Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk and finally we shall end it with the download link which shall provide the latest working version of Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk.

tap titans 2 mod apk

Download Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk: Features and Gameplay

Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk works as the perfect superhero where you are the fierce and strong sword warrior. The sword warrior will use his unique skills and abilities in order to fight and defeat the evil titan waves. Each side is equally powerful and the winner shall be the one who shall use the skills in the right way which shall give the side an extra edge. The sword warrior is the last possible hope against the strong evil and cruel titans whose main motive is to create mass scale destruction and exert dominance over the human world. So will the sword warrior be able to restore peace?

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Features of Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk:

  • The game will not let you get bored so easily because it has an exclusive 120 all newly designed titans and 10 brand new hand drawn realms. It comes with a guarantee to keep you hooked on.
  • The game boasts superb real life like graphics which ensure that the gaming experience is smooth and real life like. The game virtually transports you to the battle field. The gamer can also use the superb RPG experience which adds onto the accolades achieved by the game.
  • If you thought that you are alone on this mission to restore peace in the world then you are mistaken. You can recruit and form alliances with superb heroes and loyal pets who shall help you in the vicious battles with the titans.
  • In order to be the best sword warrior, you need to learn new skills and abilities. So the game boasts a lot of skills which can be unlocked and acquired throughout the course of the game.
  • When the villain is that strong, you need to create or join clans where all of you shall join hands in order to defeat the evil strong titan lords. So you and your friends can together defeat the evil forces.
  • In order to determine who is the best sword warrior in the world, the game organises a lot of tournaments and challenges where people from across the globe compete together to determine who is the best warrior out there.

The above mentioned features are definitely something that will lure you into downloading Tap Titans 2 but if by any chance you are still not convinced then the next section will definitely take your love for the game to a whole next level.

What’s more in Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk?

The basic version of Tap Titans 2 does not offer anything extra. But if you go for the mod apk which is available very easily and works with the same level of convenience provides the superb advantage of having unlimited cash which means that you can buy any weapon or artefact without any hesitation. Therefore for every logical individual out there, the added advantages make the mod apk a definite better choice than the basic version available on the Google Play Store.

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Requirements for downloading Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk:

  • Working android phone.
  • Download link for the latest version of Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk.
  • Internet connection for downloading the APK file.

Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk File Information:

App Name Tap Titans 2
File Size 67.9 MB
Operating System Android 5.0 or Above
Latest Version v2.8.3
Developer Game Hive Corporation
Last Updated June 13, 2018

How to Download & Install Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk?

  • Click on the download link provided below to start downloading of the latest version of Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk.


  • Select Yes and you shall see that the download has begun.

tap titans 2 mod apk downloading started

  • After the download is finished, you will be taken to the installation page.

click on install

  • Select “ install ” and your android device will finish the installation.

tap titans 2 mod apk installed

Gameplay Screenshots:

tap titans 2 gameplay screenshot firsttap titans 2 gameplay screenshot secondtap titans 2 gameplay screenshot thirdtap titans 2 gameplay screenshot

Final Verdict:

Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk is a superb game which lets you be a sword warrior who has to use his skills in order to defeat the evil titan waves. You can form clans and even team up with your friends to defeat the strong and fierce titan lord. The mod apk of Tap Titans 2 allows you to get unlimited cash which can be used by you to make carefree purchases of weapons and artefacts which will make you a better sword warrior. The mod apk also works well for everyone who cannot use the Google Play Store or are unable to download the app.

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