Music is something so unique that it can relieve you of the stress of the entire day within a fraction of seconds and relax your mind instantly. Music has come a long way when we talk about its evolution. We should be indebted to you internet revolution going out there that weare able to actually able to enjoy music every where we go. Be it car drives or at home or even a restaurant and disco. There have been a lot of instances where we were listening to a certain song and though we have never heard it before, we instantly start to build a connection with the song or there might be cases that you just can’t remember the name of any song because it’s been quite some time that you last heard it.

Earlier there was no solution to this problem but nowadays there is a solution for everything and this solution comes in the form of the Shazam that is the perfect app where you can either make it listen to a playing song or even sing a few lines from the chorus to make it identity the name of the particular song so that you can hear it constantly for the coming days. The app is available for absolutely free of charge and is loaded with a lot of awesome features which makes it the best available option out there.

Download Shazam 9.3.0 For Android


Features of the Shazam App:

  • The makers of Shazam made sure that the user interface of the Shazam is kept extremely simple yet engaging so that the app can be used by every android user and can be accessed by a single tap on the screen of death android device.
  • The offline mode of Shazam allows the user to search for the lyrics and the name of the song even when he/she is not connected via a high speed internet connection.
  • Shazam has special feature that allows the user to sing along the music by viewing the lyrics or even watch the video playback in the best available resolution. The apk is designed to maximize user satisfaction. .
  • It also allows the user to search for the pandora radio artists and makes it easier for the user to hear to a wider music base. There is also a Shazam chart that ranks the top songs for a particular week which will help you see what’s trending across the world.
  • There is also a feature that lets you create your playlist Directly on Spotify with a simple touch and enjoy your music as per your preference.
  • This app also supports Google Play music purchases too where after recognise what song you were listening to, you can access it on Google Play music by paying a certain fee in exchange.

Shazam Apk File Information:

Apk Name Shazam
Size 13.7 MB
Version 9.3.0
Developers Shazam Entertainment Limited
Updated October 4, 2018
Play Store Link

How to Download & Install Shazam apk?

  • Click on below button to start downloading of Shazam Apk.


  • Select OK and this will start the download process for the apk.

downloading started

  • The installation page of the apk will open after the entire download process is completed.

click on install

  • Select Install and this will complete the entire installation process.

Shazam apk installed

App Screenshots:explore lyrics, videos & playlistsname any song in secondsshazam first

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