Do you want to create a Logo for any Application, website or any Business? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here I am going to provide you the best way to create a Logo easily using your Android device or any apple device which are running on an iOS and Mac platform.

A logo is one of the most important things if you want to design any kind of software or opening your own business because it is one of the crucial ways to differentiate your own thing from others.

The logo of a company is an image that represents the business idea and the energy of the brand. One must be super careful at the time of designing it for a website. The idea has to be crisp, relevant to the topic and also easy to understand. Remember the logic is an image that will take up a very small place. The idea of the business has to be conveyed to the onlookers through this small image.

Basically, the best logo will be the one which:-

  • Suits the category and niche of your business.
  • Represents the motive of your business along with its purpose.
  • It should be formal and kind of attractive too.
  • Make a line of separation between your business and other ventures which are lying in your category.

But here comes the main point – How we can create a logo and design it? Should We opt for any graphic designer or use any Logo designer software to create it? For answering the answer to these questions, below I provided you each and every detail in grief.

Should you Hire a Graphic Designer or Create Logo Manually?

Well, it is the question which will be based on a personal opinion. But here comes my opinion:-

If you know how to operate your Android or iOS device, then I don’t think you need any graphic designer. Yes, if you are out of time and busy all day, then a graphic designer will be a need for you.

According to me, I will refer you to create a logo for business on your own. It will not take much time if you try my method to create it for a website as well as an application through a logo designing software.

How to create a Logo using a Free Logo Maker

So friend here is the Soul of this article. We are using a Logo Maker Application and using an Android Platform to Create it.

Logo Maker

I Personally find one of the best and simple Application which will help you to create a logo easily without any hassle, especially due to it’s simple and Easy to Understand User Interface and highly productive nature.

Steps for creating a Logo using this designing Software:-

1.) Firstly, go to the play store and download the Logo Maker app which is available for free and available for Android, iOS and Mac Device.

2.) Now, after successfully installing it, open the free Logo Maker Application and select your desired category [means the category in which you are dealing with your customers].

3.) You will get some pre-customized templates. just play with them, try more and more, create best combinations and create a fully customized icon. Here comes my recommendation – try to combine the background and icon in a way that your main icon should have light shade and background have a dark shade.

4.) When your work has been created using a Logo creator Application, just tap on the Save button, choose your path, crop it and save it permanently.


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So friend, above I provided you the complete guide to create a logo using free graphics designing software. It is a very easy process and hardly takes your valuable time to invest in any positive thing. I hope you will try this application. As of now, the developers made this Logo Designing software compatible with Android, iOS and Mac platforms only. We are hoping that they will increase their reach towards other OS also.

Well, How much time it will take for you to create your business logo? Please leave your opinion in the comments section provided below. Liked it? Then please share this article with your friends also. In the meantime, you can take a look at our other useful articles also.

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